April 9, 2019

Snowflake & AtScale, A Perfect Fit

When AtScale implements support for back end EDW’s, we spend a lot of time—the majority, actually, working on implementing features that take advantage of all the unique capabilities the EDW has to offer. This probably comes from our genesis in…

Posted by: Matt Baird and Chris Oshiro

March 13, 2019

Is The Cloud Right For You?!

“Cloud computing” is that magnificent umbrella technology term that is broadly used to describe everything from ordering groceries online to keeping track of asset logistics across the globe. If you are one of our avid followers, you might remember that,…

Posted by: Lucio Daza

March 11, 2019

Conceiving Valuable Data Driven Insights

How valuable is an insight if you don’t know what’s driving it? The investment in big data made in recent years by companies has been significant. Many are now looking to capitalize on the insights to be discovered in their…

Posted by: James Burr

March 8, 2019


The more things change, the more they stay the same. There is tremendous push towards new platforms capable of dealing with massive amounts of data. Data is flowing at a scale once considered impossible, and the sources of data are…

Posted by: Arnold Yeung

March 7, 2019

Cloud Cost Optimization: How to Reduce Cloud Data Warehouse Costs

I’ve never seen a faster adoption of a new technology platform than I have with the introduction of a cloud Data Warehouse. Companies of all sizes have embraced the power and ease of use of BigQuery, RedShift, Azure SQL Data Warehouse,…

Posted by: Matt Baird

10 AtScale Scientific Observations

Five years ago we had a hypothesis that Business Intelligence (BI) needed a reboot. We planned to take the best parts of original BI ideas and merge them with modern engineering and data analytics to build a platform for delivering…

Posted by: Matthew Baird

How to Become Data Driven in Four Easy Steps

Does your decision-making process need an overhaul? In 2015, over 60% of the decisions made by companies were still based on ‘intuition’ or ‘experience’ of their executive team. With the rise of big data, it is imperative that we make…

Posted by: Lucio Daza