What You Might Have Missed in April 2018

What You Might Have Missed At AtScale In April 2018

It may seem like only yesterday that we said goodbye to 2017, but we are almost half-way through 2018. Big things in Big Data happened in the month of April. Many of us watched Mark Zuckerberg testify in front of Congress about data use and security, and still await the final outcome of Cambridge Analytica’s data abuse. If April seemed like it slipped under your fingers, check out what you might have missed in the world of big data.

Big Data give Gap Big Advantages: Gap’s CEO validated that Big Data gave them competitive advantages and is a huge asset for the retailer. Leveraging consumer data allows Gap to direct advertising dollars in the most effective way and provides insights into what consumers want. However, not many retailers utilize Big Data to its fullest.

Business intelligence mistakes that can cost millions: Business Intelligence on Big Data adoption is not easy and 70% of BI projects will fail. Avoid these five Business Intelligence mistakes to save time and money. Learn the common mistakes that hinder a successful BI implementation.

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GDPR: A Cost vs. Benefit Analysis: With General Data Protection Regulation coming in effect in May 25, 2018, it is important to understand the message behind this legislation. The goal of GDPR is to build trust between a company and its customers. It may seem like a financial and administrative burden, but it may also have economic benefits.

Data Governance is crucial for big data environments: Data becomes an organization’s most important asset when it is analyzed and acted on. Good data governance includes a business glossary, data dictionaries, and data lineage to define business attributes and interdependencies for big data environments. Learn more about data governance; read what is a Semantic layer and Why you would want one.

Big Data Success In UK: A survey conducted in the UK shows that only 19% of the enterprises are processing the entirety of their data. As a result, 70% of the big data projects fail to realize their full potential. These insights and more are in the broader Maturity Survey. Read the multi-year Maturity Survey here.

3 Cs from data to digital transformation: From collecting data to digital transformation is a journey. Here are the three Cs you should consider to improve your data infrastructure on a path to digital success.

Ways to foster a data-driven culture: Successful CDOs leverage insights-oriented practitioners to drive an insights-driven culture to help scale data and analytics activities. A sustainable business practice must measure results and the ROI of its service. View data management and governance as a strategic investment rather than a cost; they deliver business value.

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Download the 2018 Big Data Maturity Survey

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