Four Strategies for Risk-Free Cloud Data Migration

Best Practices for Risk-Free Cloud Migration On Your Own Terms

This white paper offers strategic considerations for today’s IT leaders on how to enable cloud migration and modernization of their data infrastructure on their own terms.

The proliferation of data is driving companies to push data to the cloud faster than they can develop and implement strategies to ensure that data’s security and access. This often leads to more, not less, fragmentation and other unpleasant surprises, and many organizations are finding themselves a little stuck working out the early stages of the process.

This white paper includes best practices and guidance for cloud migration planning:

  • A practical roadmap for making a successful transition from on-premises data warehouses to virtualized cloud-data platforms
  • Steps to future-proof your data warehouse against changes in BI tools and data architectures
  • How to maximize access to operational data for business users
  • Strategies for ensuring the security and governance of data

Get answers to the questions that keep IT leaders up at night as they wrestle with the complexity and challenges associated with cloud data migration.

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