Modernize Legacy OLAP Analytics

AtScale enables sub-second dimensional analysis with popular BI tools on a modern cloud architecture. Query large datasets in cloud data platforms with no unnecessary data movement or pre-computation.

Speed of Thought Analytics with AtScale

AtScale solutions help data-driven teams overcome the physics of cloud-scale data with a modern approach to analytics query acceleration.


SSAS OLAP Modernization

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The Limitations of Microsoft SSAS and Traditional OLAP

Query acceleration solutions based on pre-calculated OLAP cubes are complex, resource intensive, and fundamentally disconnected from source data. The practical challenge of maintaining cubes in large organizations inevitably leads to complex data pipelines and shadow analytics programs with no central governance.

While cloud data platforms have democratized the ability to centrally manage large data sets, traditional approaches to delivering speed of thought analytics have not kept up.


A Modern Approach to Cloud-Scale Analytics Acceleration

AtScale complements modern cloud platforms with a powerful analytics acceleration and open integration to common BI platforms. Teams tailor their AtScale implementation to fit the needs of their business.

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Intelligent Aggregate Management

Aggregates are automatically designed and created based on user query behavior and potential benefit to analytics performance.

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Dynamic Query Pushdown

User requested data cuts are converted to optimized SQL and passed to cloud data platforms. Aggregate creation and transformations all execute on the same data platform as raw data, eliminating unnecessary data movement.

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Graph-based Query Planning

Queries can be planned automatically using graph-based algorithms. These algorithms find the most efficient approach by leveraging aggregates and queries against source data.

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Choose your BI Platform

Migrate existing SSAS-based reports on Excel or Power BI directly. Or shift dimensional analytics to other reporting tools such as Tableau and Google Looker.

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Analytics Acceleration on Live Cloud Data

Powerful query virtualization and AI-driven cloud orchestration takes full advantage of modern cloud data platforms while optimizing resource consumption and performance for BI use cases. Deliver secure, governed access to cloud data.

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