Join Us to Learn How to Achieve an Additional 9x ROI on Google BigQuery for Analytics

Join Us to Learn How to Achieve an Additional 9x ROI on Google BigQuery for Analytics

Want to get more out of your Google BigQuery investment? We can help. Join AtScale’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Dave Mariani, as he talks on a live webinar with online retailer’s BI Project Manager, Maurice Lacroix, to learn on how he and his team are maximizing their investment in Google BigQuery. 

A Sneak Peak…

When you think about moving your data and applications to the cloud, it is easy to forget the bill that comes along with it, or for some of you, you might not even realize there is a bill because you never see it.

“We thought we got infinite scalability by moving to the cloud and then we got the bill.”

— Maurice Lacroix,  BI Project Manager, 


As the top online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium, has grown massively in a short amount of time. Their innovative team was having challenges analyzing their data because it was on an overloaded Hadoop cluster that was taking too long running some jobs. So, they moved all their data from the on-premises Hadoop cluster to Google BigQuery. They also moved their team to Tableau for visualizing data at the same time. By adding AtScale as the layer between Google BigQuery and Tableau, they got a live, fast connection to their fresh and historical data for the 1600 users who need to perform queries without requiring data engineering. This has helped them accelerate their cloud adoption while saving money on their Google BigQuery compute costs.

What will be discussed? 

In this live webinar, you’ll learn how Maurice and his team use techniques and technology to not only increase the ROI on their Google BigQuery investment but also to:

  • Load 70% of their Tableau workbooks in less than 10 seconds
  • Present a consistent view of data for BI analysis
  • Accelerate cloud migration to Google BigQuery from Hadoop
  • Provide a live connection to their fresh and historical data for 1600 users
  • Automate the creation, maintenance and management of data aggregates to reduce compute costs on Google BigQuery and boost BI performance

Date/Time: Thursday August 27th, 2020 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3 PM GMT / 4PM CET

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How To Realize An Additional 9X ROI On Google BigQuery

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