June 8, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Mike Carlino

At AtScale, our mission is to build strong relationships not only within our own team, but within our customer relationships. We are dedicated to empowering our customers and providing them with the service and support that they need to feel…

Posted by: Kayla Chiara

June 5, 2020

Excel with Google BigQuery

I hear it all the time. Many enterprises hate Excel because it’s an analytics “free for all” but the business users love it and can’t live without it. No matter what BI tools an enterprise may have, ultimately, that last…

Posted by: Dave Mariani

June 4, 2020

Data News Roundup- Thursday, June 4th, 2020

We’ve all had to quickly adapt to remote working during the pandemic. Businesses have, for the most part, done a good job of adapting to this new environment – but it has been a process full of ups and downs.…

Posted by: Kayla Chiara

June 1, 2020

Analytics Leader Spotlight: Mark Stange-Tregear, Rakuten Rewards

Welcome back to our “Analytics Leader Spotlight” series, where we get to know the data champions who are transforming the way that teams use and think about data.  In today’s spotlight, we are excited to introduce you to Mark Stange-Tregear,…

Posted by: Kayla Chiara

May 28, 2020

Data News Roundup – Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming back for our weekly “Data News Roundup” for May 28th, 2020. We saw a ton of interesting pieces of major tech news announced this week including how to better integrate data into your organization’s structure,…

Posted by: Kayla Chiara

May 26, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Dustin Webber

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Dustin Webber, Chief Security Officer. He is one of a diverse group of people at AtScale contributes to our team with his unique talents. As recognition for the diverse team that we have…

Posted by: Kayla Chiara

May 20, 2020

Data News Roundup – Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

Hi everyone! Welcome back to our weekly “Data News Roundup” for May 20th, 2020. Before we dive into the different things making headlines this week, we want to make sure you saw our latest blog post outlining how Boston Children’s…

Posted by: Kayla Chiara

May 14, 2020

Data News Roundup – Thursday, May 14th, 2020

Welcome to our “Data News Roundup” for May 14, 2020. Before we share the latest and greatest news stories helping shape the world of big data and analytics, we want to let you know that a recording of our recent…

Posted by: Kayla Chiara

May 12, 2020

Our Go-To Resources for Data News

Looking back at the past two months, we can’t deny that we’ve been consuming more news than usual. While we all search for the latest facts, the channels on our feeds and switching screens fight over who gets to be…

Posted by: Kayla Chiara