November 17, 2022

Making Everyone a Power Data Analyst with a Semantic Layer

The number of data analysts at your organization is a limiting factor that determines how many stakeholders are able to make data-driven decisions. To make better-informed decisions, organizations need to increase the number of people with the tools and expertise…

Posted by: Dave Mariani

November 15, 2022

How to Streamline Data Science Workloads and Feature Engineering in Snowflake

Our partnership with Snowflake has drastically sped up our customers' data processing capabilities by eliminating the need for tedious data engineering tasks. By driving workloads directly to Snowflake, users can create accelerated time-to-prediction rates and a more efficient method to…

Posted by: Daniel Gray

November 10, 2022

4 Essential Elements of Data Storytelling

Effective data storytelling is integral to ensuring your organization leverages data insights. But how can you tell a meaningful data story that influences action? An analytics-driven culture doesn’t crop up overnight — it’s built through effective data storytelling.  Implementing a…

Posted by: Dave Mariani

November 8, 2022

How You Can Unlock Decision Intelligence at Scale by Aligning BI with AI

Recently, I was talking to the head of technology at a retail conglomerate. The executive was actively planning his foray into data science and asked me, “How can we make the transition from business intelligence (BI) to artificial intelligence (AI)?”…

Posted by: Ganes Kesari

November 3, 2022

Modernize Your SSAS Architecture with Databricks and AtScale

This post was written in collaboration with Swaroop Oggu, Solutions Architect at Databricks.  Dimensional analysis is an important tool for building analytics-oriented data products (e.g. interactive dashboards) based on data assets managed in a lakehouse. Historically, dimensional analysis has been…

Posted by: Kieran O’Driscoll

November 1, 2022

4 Key Takeaways from the Semantic Layer Summit

We recently hosted a virtual Semantic Layer Summit with our friends at Snowplow, Databricks, DAS42, and InterSystems. During the event, we gathered data leaders and top industry technologists to discuss the importance and impact of using a semantic layer for…

Posted by: Dave Mariani

October 27, 2022

How To Improve Data Quality Using a Semantic Layer

Data quality is one of the most difficult — yet essential — elements for businesses to master to achieve their operational goals. This post explores multiple facets of data quality and explains how to turn fragmented, inaccurate, and unusable data…

Posted by: Vidhi Chugh

October 25, 2022

How to Drive Better Insights with an Analytics-Driven Culture

I recently spoke with a roundtable of data and culture industry experts about how to foster an analytics-driven culture to drive more actionable, valuable insights. We discussed how organizations can become data leaders, the importance of change management, and why…

Posted by: Dave Mariani