Announcement: Semantic Layer Summit Speakers, Sessions & Sponsors

Announcing Semantic Layer Sumitt 2022

It’s official! We’re excited to announce the full lineup of speakers, sessions, and sponsors for the 2022 Semantic Layer Summit on September 28th. It is a FREE, fully virtual one-day event from 10:30AM – 4:30PM ET. There’s a lot to look forward to. Register here:

Sessions and Speakers

This thought leadership event will feature 30+ data leaders and technologists who will share advice and best practices for making insights actionable from AI & BI initiatives at scale. 


Keynote 1 | Welcome to Main Stage – The Semantics of a Semantic Layer
Dave Mariani (Event Host & Moderator)

Keynote 2 | Designing and Executing a Scalable Enterprise Data Strategy
Andrew Sohn, Ram Kumar & Vidhi Chugh

Keynote 3 | The Evolution of Data Architecture & The Semantic Layer
Bill Inmon, Kirk Borne & Benn Stancil

Session 1 | Data Engineering & Architecture
Srinivasan Sankar, Ujjwal Goel, & Peggy Tsai

Session 2 | Achieving Success with AI & ML
Abhishek Singh & Michael Taylor

Session 3  | Data Platform & Insights Tech
Chris Ling, Ramdas Narayanan & Fahad Bijle

Session 4 | Scaling Data Literacy
Jordan Morrow, Megan Brown & Chad Sanderson

Session 5 | Market Take on the Semantic Layer
Dr. Prashanth Southekal & Sanjeev Mohan

Session 6 | Business Intelligence & Analytics
Zaki Eltwaishi, Andrea De Mauro, & Jon Francis

Session 7 | Enterprise Analytics & Data Strategies
Tomeka Hill-Thomas, Mark Stern, & Richard Lichtenstein

Closing Keynote | Actionable Insights for Everyone
Colin Reid, Jennifer Wheeler, Mark Stange-Tregear & Greg Mabrito


Session 1 | The Semantic Lakehouse
Franco Patano & Soham Bhatt at Databricks

Session 2 | Bridging AI & BI
Daniel Gray at AtScale

Session 3 | Turbocharging Your Semantic Layer with Better Data: Behavioral Data
Yali Sassoon at Snowplow

Session 4 | Unleashing the Power of a Semantic Layer
Cassidy Stearns at DAS42

Session 5 | Feature Store and the Semantic Layer
Jim Dowling at Hopsworks

Session 6 | Augmented Intelligence & Semantic Layer Capabilities
Ari Kaplan at DataRobot

Session 7 | Data Fabric + Semantic Layer: Gaining Value From All of Your Data
Joe Lichtenberg & Carmen Logue at Intersystems

Session 8 | The Data Cloud
Simon Field at Snowflake

Session 9 | Competitive Advantage Through Self-Service BI at Enterprise Scale
Larry Clark at Tableau

Session 10 | Building the Best Analytics Team in Times of Uncertainty
Kimberly Mosley at Digital Analytics Association

Session 11 | Strategizing Data & AI for Cloud Scale
Manprit Singh at Microsoft

In addition to experiencing all the awesome thought leadership content, you will also be able to visit all the exhibitors booths and interact with all the other attendees. 


Who should join?

AI, BI, and Data leaders (e.g., Chief Data Officers, data scientists, data literacy, business intelligence, and analytics professionals). 

To join the event, register for the summit here.

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