Achieve Data-Driven Insights with AtScale Cloud OLAP

Ventana Research shows that 86% of the organizations surveyed expect the majority of their data to be in the cloud and a whopping 99% expect to do their analytics in the cloud.

One compelling reason that organizations are moving to the cloud en masse is to simplify their analytics stack. In the cloud, business users are freed from the burden of managing their own data platform clusters and can expand and contract their data resources to meet demand without the friction of dealing with traditional data center provisioning.

Download this whitepaper to learn how AtScale:

  • Takes the best of OLAP and combined it with the latest cloud technology
  • Delivers a solution that doesn’t involve data movement but offers a direct query architecture
  • Is helping companies around the world achieve data-driven insights – quickly, easily and securely – at scale.

It’s the best of OLAP for the Cloud.

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