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Scale up and modernize your OLAP infrastructure while keeping SSAS’
strong multidimensional functionality and live connection to Excel.


Replace SSAS' physical cube with a virtual cube and unlock the power of your data

Propositions to Value
  1. Cloud OLAP provides unparalleled scale and performance while maintaining industry-leading multidimensional functionality and live connections to Excel.
  2. Virtual cube technology leverages the scale and performance of existing data platforms, eliminatingg the need to extract data or build a physical cube.
  3. Scales with data platforms rather than provisioning a separate environment for hosting cubes.
  4. Simplifies the cube authoring experience for re-usability and collaboration.
  5. Integrate federation to handle data in different data stores and locations without extensive ETL to move the data into its physical cube.
  6. Model cubes virtually without data engineering and the need to create a star schema and ETL data.
  7. Expand beyond just a Windows environment into a Linux ecosystem.

Business Challenges

Expand access to data

Overcome the limitations of working with just pre-aggregated, incomplete and stale data. Improve your data visibility.

Move as fast as your data

Improve your time-to-insights by eliminating the need for in-house OLAP and data modeling expertise.

Avoid Data Movement

Work with your data without the need for ETL. Skip the cost and complexity of data movement.

Gain Data Agility & Scale

Analyze data in an open-ended, exploratory method with distributed Big Data.

Why AtScale?


Handle any volume of data without the need to pre-calculate a cube with a live connection. AtScale pushes work down to the data platform (i.e. database, data lake) so you don’t have to scale AtScale separately from your data warehouse. AtScale’s acceleration structures improve performance because new data is automatically added incrementally and raw data is accessible at any time.


AtScale creates a virtual cube so new dimensions or measures can be added in a few minutes without the need to rebuild the cube.

Autonomous Data Engineering

AtScale re-invented cube authoring with an easy to use web interface that allows a BI user (not an OLAP expert) to create new virtual cubes from the top down without requiring them to be an expert in OLAP.

Analytics Collaboration

AtScale’s Design Center web based cube authoring tool is built for collaboration and reuse because it supports multiple users editing the same cube and has a library of dimensions and calculations that can be reused across any number of cubes.

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Bring Order to the Chaos

Mitigate the challenges for current intelligence modeling including out of IT control, inconsistent table joins, inconsistent security and calculations and unnecessary duplication of effort.


Leverage existing data and it available across the organization so that analysts can get a more complete view into data for BI initiatives.


Make data available to more employees without re-engineering data or forcing a company-wide standard.


Provide access to existing data to more data analysts while keeping data secure and properly governed.


Leverage existing architecture to get live connections to data for analysis.

USE CASE SPOTLIGHT: Rakuten's Data-Driven Vision Realized

The Challenge:

Rakuten invested in a data-driven business environment and customer experience by consolidating their data into an on-premise data lake using Hadoop coupled with AtScale’s virtual OLAP cubes to analyze their data. After initial success, the Hadoop cluster’s physical limitations began to cause painful business disruptions as disk and processor usage hit critical levels. Rakuten needed a new data warehousing solution that would ensure responsive data analysis during peak demand periods.

The Solution:

Rakuten would restructure their data infrastructure by moving from their on-premise Hadoop cluster to a Snowflake cloud data warehouse on AWS. Colder, less frequently used data would reside in S3 on AWS, while hotter, high-demand data would reside on Snowflake. AtScale would provide query optimization and semantic connections to the data.



Download the Rise of the Adaptive Analytics Fabric


Fortune 50 DIY retailer optimizes a cloud data platform to increase ROI per analysis.

Toyota leverages AtScale, accelerating time-to-insight from weeks to minutes.

Fortune 100 industrial conglomerate embraces the cloud without business disruption.


White Paper: Rise of the Adaptive Analytics Fabric

Learn how the prevalence of cloud transformation as a critical enterprise initiative has led to the emergence of the adaptive analytics fabric with intelligent data virtualization as a new paradigm in enterprise data architecture.

Datasheet: AtScale for SSAS Modernization

Do you love the OLAP functionality of SSAS but hate its complexity, scale limitations and long cube build times? Check out how AtScale allows you to scale up and modernize your OLAP infrastructure and keep multidimensional functionality.

Webinar On-Demand: Modernize your investment in SSAS without giving up OLAP

See a demonstration of how AtScale helps organizations scale and modernize their OLAP infrastructure. Learn how to migrate your SSAS cubes to a modern, cloud data warehouse and scale OLAP to a 100TB data warehouse with 300 billion rows of data, without a cube build.


AtScale Adaptive Analytics

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