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Working Together: Amazon Redshift, AtScale and Microsoft Excel

AtScale Solution Brief

How it works

Providing Excel users with live access to data for BI and Analytics quickly, easily and securely

AtScale provides a Cloud OLAP (or COLAP) solution that lets you create a virtual OLAP cube on top of Amazon Redshift while keeping the same great SSAS MDX power with a platform that is built for today’s data types and scalability. Excel users can perform rapid querying and multidimensional analysis on this data.

The AtScale Difference: Business Intelligence Your Way

With AtScale, you can scale up and modernize your BI infrastructure where your data resides on Redshift. Instead of moving data, AtScale leverages the underlying data platforms as the primary engines for analytics. So wherever the data exists, it can stay there. AtScale provides a Universal Semantic Layer™ that automatically manages performance and makes any data platform perform like a high-speed OLAP engine. AtScale joins data from multiple data platforms to deliver one single source of truth for BI and analytics tools. AtScale eliminates the inherent scaling issues with OLAP and eliminates cube builds with virtual cubes.


AtScale Technology

Product Overview

AtScale provides the premier platform for data architecture modernization. AtScale connects you to live data using one set of semantics without having to move any data. Leveraging AtScale’s Autonomous Data Engineering™, query performance is improved by order of magnitude. AtScale inherits native security and provides additional governance and security controls to enable self-service analytics with consistency, safety and control. AtScale’s Intelligent Data Virtualization™ and intuitive data modeling enables access to new data sources and platforms without ETL and or needing to call in data engineering.

Benefits of AtScale for Excel and Redshift Users

  • Transition from expensive on-premises data warehouses to Redshift with no user disruption
  • Real-time MDX connection for Excel Redshift users
  • 12.5x faster query performance; during high user concurrency, queries are 61x faster
  • An intuitive and unified data view through the Universal Semantic Layer
  • Lower ETL and query costs through autonomous data engineering
  • Improved performance and agility through autonomous data engineering
  • Reduction in cloud resource consumption and other associated costs
  • 2.6x cheaper compute costs


Accelerate Data-Driven Decisions at Scale

AtScale is the only solution that allows Excel users to connect in real time to data in Redshift. This is done through AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer, which translates MDX queries from Excel into Redshift-specific SQL instantly. AtScale’s intelligent data virtualization capability allows multiple data sources, both in the cloud and on-premise, to be presented as a single data view to Excel and other business intelligence tools, greatly enhancing users’ data mining power. AtScale provides Excel users with fast, easy access to a consistent data view on Redshift, while virtualizing data, accelerating query times, and reducing costs.

On average, query performance with AtScale on Redshift is 12.5x faster. The gains are more dramatic when queries are run during high user concurrency: with larger enterprises running multiple queries at the same time, with AtScale, performance is 61x faster.

Control Complexity and Cost of Analytics

A primary obstacle to cloud migration is the potential negative impact on business users, including downtime, re-training, and lack of available data. AtScale reduces this risk by providing a logical view of an enterprise’s data that persists regardless of where the data is stored, thereby eliminating the need to re-write applications or re-train employees on new software. AtScale does not require Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) to its platform, eliminating expensive, time consuming and risky custom engineering work while speeding query response times. Users can access the data they need through Excel without worrying about where it is stored or how it is managed, and costs are reduced for the business because of AtScale’s Autonomous Data Engineering and accelerating structures. In fact, compute costs for Redshift with AtScale are 2.6x cheaper.

Get One Consistent and Compliant View of Business Metrics and Definitions

AtScale integrates natively into existing enterprise security deployments while layering on additional protections. AtScale’s patented technology gives administrators complete control of users’ data access at a granular level across all data platforms. Companies can restrict data access based on user roles, e.g., a U.S. marketing user will not be able to pull information on global accounts, even if that information is available in the database. The platform complies to JWT, CORS, and REST standards for API security, and offers seamless, transparent support for platform-level security technologies and 3rd party solutions. The single centralized workspace for business metrics and definitions provides data availability while mitigating all of the risk associated with compliance.

Mitigate Risks Associated with Data and Analytics

Within an enterprise, data resides in siloes all across the business, often in insecure environments, constantly proliferating and in flux. AtScale eliminates the risk associated with this “shadow IT” by providing tools and applications direct access using the SQL and MDX languages. AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer provides a live connection to data for ad-hoc query analysis.


The Global 2000 relies on AtScale – the intelligent data virtualization company – to provide a single, secured and governed
workspace for distributed data. The combination of the company’s Cloud OLAP, Autonomous Data Engineering™ and Universal Semantic Layer™ powers business intelligence resulting in faster, more accurate business decisions at scale. For more information, visit